L.E. Numbering

Limited Edition Numbering

All Jaime Dormer limited edition masterpiece's are released with a specific number of prints available for sale, this will range anywhere from a single one of a kind release upto as many as three hundred plus.

Before each edition is made available for sale, we determine what will be the the total number available in the edition, this wil then become the final number and is not abled to be altered.  If the edition release number for example is one hundred, then there will only ever be one hundred prints ever released.

Each limited edition's release is split into five (5) brackets, the first and smallest bracket of prints are held in Jaime's private collection, the remaining four brackets are released in order, as each of the remaing brackets of prints are sold out, the following bracket will become available at an increased price over the previous bracket sold, thus creating even more value for those already purchased.

The approximate percentage breakdown of each release is as follows, Bracket #1: @10%,  #2@40%,  #3@25%,  #4@15%,  #5@10%.  A special note on the first bracket, Jaime's private collection which often includes some allowances for VIP, Charity & gift donatable prints.