Eva Ho

Hello Jamie,

Traveling and photographying with Jaime in Tasmania for was truly a magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The whole trip was organized flawlessly and seamlessly, striking a nice balance between optimizing top shooting locales with decent downtime to process, review and refine our work.  He is a willing, generous and capable teacher - always there to lend a hand with thoughtful, excellent advice. His love for photography and storytelling is infectious -- you not only learn but also have plenty of humor along the way.  He was able to show me a part of Tasmania that is easy to fall in love with - can't wait to return, hopefully with the master himself.

Look forward to a repeat soon!
Eva Ho
Susa Ventures
Los Angeles, USA

Eva Ho, Eva Ho (May 2015)

Randy Hanna

To All,

I recently returned from a month long workshop with Jaime covering the remote reaches of Northwest Tasmania and Southern New Zealand.  While traveling with Jaime is always a fun and never a dull moment, he provided the perfect balance of travel distance and expertly selected shooting locations.  Always available and approachable to discuss any issue, Jaime is a wonderful coach and mentor when it comes to all elements of photography.  Thanks Jaime for a wonderful time.

Looking forward to returning very soon.

Randy Hanna
Seatle, USA

Randy Hanna, Randy Hanna Photography (June 2015)

Karley Henning

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work with the photography for Billy Cart Kitchens. We couldn’t be happier with the results, the photos look great and our clients were also very impressed. The images look great on our website and highlight the great product that we have to offer our clients. We look forward to working with you again on our future projects.

Kind Regards
Karley Henning
James Richardson Corporation Pty Ltd
Fortitude Valley, QLD

Karley Henning, James Richardson Corporation Pty Ltd (Dec 2015)

Jeff & Jane Patterson

Hi Jamie, just a photo i came across the other day, My wife and I met you at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania last April 2015, You helped us out onto a large rock boulder and gave us both some helpful advice for our shots.  We loved the experience so much that we are going back in March this year for three weeks to capture the West Coast. I happened to find a video of you while recently doing some Youtube studies on places to go on our next trip, when we stumbled on your video diaries, we spotted your flight on the chopper, we must have gone on the same day as you, we were the last flight for the day, and was asked if we had any problem to go with the doors off on the chopper as there had been removed for some professional photographers, well we jumped in that chance doesn't come by very often, what a blast.   A flight to rembember, they had already put on the right rear door when we arrived, during flight the door came open, swung wide open by rotor wash, my wife Jane was asked to slide over and see if she could shut it , which surprised me that she did when asked, but to no luck as the door jammed and could not be locked, so we headed far west to a rock outcrop where we had to set down, repairs done, and off again,due to the inconvience we were treated to double flight time, a little fright but what a bonus with regards Jeff and Jane Patterson   (new to photography but loving it, thank you for taking time to help us.)
Thanks again
Jeff and Jane Patterson.
Redcliffe Peninsula, QLD

Jeff & Jane Patterson, Jeff & Jane Patterson (April 2015)

BM World Travel

I would like to say a big thankyou to Jaime "JD" for inspiring me to get into photography, I have travelled many many countries around the world and have taken many photos but none of my photos have come close to the quality that I now take since I met Jaime in Antarctica, I had never met anyone that is so enthusiastic about photography and so keen on inspiring others to get into this art.

I went on a trip to Antarctica  in 2010 with a $200 point an shoot camera and saw Jamie across the hall from me in his cabin with all this great photography equipment, I asked if maybe I could buy some photos off of him at the end of the trip so that I had some great photos of Antarctica instead of mediocre photos from my cheap point and shoot, he was not interested in selling me photos but handed me one of his own cameras and told me to use that for the rest of the trip!!!,  the help that he gave me in how to work the camera and even to the extent of editing my photos at the end of the trip was unbelievable. My travels are so much more enjoyable now that I know how to take great photos and my memories are so much better now that they are captured in great quality photos thanks to Jaime.

I am so happy that we met and I can't wait to catch up soon. Your new website is a credit to you mate. congratulations.
Brett Mallett
BM World Travel

Brett Mallett, BM World Travel (Nov 2010)