Pro-Bono Photography

Pro-Bono Photography

For years now our company has been providing photography services to dozens of clubs, associations & charities as a "Pro-Bono" (free of charge) service.  It may sound a bit odd, but we feel that we are part of the community and that we want to put something back into it.  Over the years I have received some very stern inquirying statements from people that can't beleive that we provide these services to others for free, there is no catch, we just do it, our reward is providing a service, receiving the feedback and the acknowlegment, which in turn help to promote our business.


There are no strings attached, we provide the images free of charge to your club, association and or charity on the basis that you always reconise us as the photographer and that the copyright always remains with us, you may use the images without cost to assist in the promotion, advertising, website usage, reports, magazines, newspapers etc, provided alwaysthat  we are acknowledged as the legal owner, photographer & copyright holder of any/all images used.  You are not permitted to sell or give to any individual any images provided.  As a request for the usage of the images we further ask that you provide a copy of any printed material to us by either mail or email (PDF) so that we can record usage.


As my company provides this service to clubs, associations and charities free of charge, It is always appreciated if you could provide where possible, some sort feedback of your experience with our Pro-Bono photography services, and ask if provided, that we may use your feedback on our website.


We specialise in various areas of photography including commercial, sports, events, landscape & travel photography, feel free to contact us to discuss your clubs, association or charities photography needs, we look forward to helping.

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