Jaime DormerWho am I ??

Jaime Dormer is an Australian Professional Photographer, a current member of NPS, LPN, IFPO. he is located at Southport, Queensland, Australia, Jaime specialises in nature, landscape & travel photography, his work has been published by many lifestyle & interest magazines, reports, brochures & newspapers as well as community & commercial websites,

Jaime has gain industry recognition with over one hundred+ Australian & International awards as well as having photo stock in the National Geographic Archives, Image Libraries like Corbis Images & Imagehive. He has a very successful photography business and sells his limited & open edition images through his gallery and online website.

He enjoys all kinds of photography I prefer to specialise in landscapes, photographing all of the colours of nature early in the mornings and late into the evenings is a challenge that must be met if you want to get the scenes that people will respond too.

Who Inspires Me ?

I draw my inspiration from those people that view my images and say “wow… I love that”, this is without doubt what inspires me the most, it is the feedback & opinions of the people who will hang my images on their walls that mean the most to me, this means that I am doing my work right & I am getting that reaction & feedback to get me to go out again the next day to get another image.

Who do I Look up to ?

I have met a number of well known Australian Photographers, and each I feel have their own strengths, however to date one person seems to stand out on his own, Mr Ken Duncan, not only is he an accomplished photographer, he is such a kind & generous man with both his time & knowledge, his ability to get involved with photographers at any level and talk to them about what they do, help & advise them as well as discuss & guide them with their photography career is an impressive individual skill that all should admire.  I further believe that he does this genuinely without the need for gratitude or imbursement.   There is no doubt in my mind that Ken’s mind is always constantly thinking of ways to improve the craft of photography, whether it’s helping an individual, speaking to an audience or talking to other prominate photographer’s or politician’s to promote the cause, he is a true ambassador for the Australian Photographic Industry and deserves every accolade bestowed on him, if you have not met him then you should.

Photography Awards ?

Well this is an area that some strive for, they are great to have but in my opinion you need to take a good long hard look at yourself and ask why are you involved in photography, is it because you wish to make it your career and a living from it or is it simply for yourself to learn and appreciate the art.  If it is the later then Awards are probably an important part of your path, however to me it is the career and to generate an income, therefore the most important art critic to me is the person off the street who is my intended customer, for it is their opinion that I want to obtain & impress enough so they will purchase one of my images that provides them with some emotional connection enough to have it on their wall.

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