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Jaime Dormer Signature Series of images are limited to a total of Eleven images worldwide, of the eleven images, the first one in every series is always retained by Jaime himself and not for sale, thus in real terms only ten are available to the public.

There are 5 releases of the 11 images, these are designed around prime numbers, being 1,1,3,3,3, (the 5 releases), the first and second releases are of a single unit with three subsequent releases of three.   #1, First Release (Artist Proof),  #2 Second Release (Framers Proof),  #3,4 & 5 Third Release,  #6,7 & 8 Forth Release, #9,10 & 11 Fith Release.

The Framers Proof is the only image in the series that comes framed in a beautiful fully customised frame, and thus is the most valuable of the available images for sale, it is the most unique of all, as it is personally framed using only customised unique mouldings & materials that are often hand made & selected by our framer and carefully assembled over time, often taking up to four wekks to complete.  Whilst also the most expensive of the releases, it is the piece that is most sorth after by collectors and represents the most valuable of pieces.

The 3rd, 4th & 5th releases are each of three images, again a prime number of three, each release is increased in value by a variable margin, usally by 30% greater than the previous release.

All images come with a Certificate of Authencity (CoA), and a Record of Providence (RoP), the CoA is a guarantee from us to you that your image is only one of eleven, signed, dated, sealed with an embossed Jaime Dormer Signatire Series embossed stamp completes the overall uniquness of your selected piece.

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