Building up the Bag

My suggestion is to build your equipment slowly, get to know your gear one bit at a time, and do a lot of research before buying each item, remember that for most of us buying is an emotion that is hard to control, and a salesman is normally skilled in selling it, although I have met many that aren’t.

If you do the research and have established that you are happy with the result, beware of last minute alternatives put in front of you, as it quite possible it won’t be what you want, what I can tell you is, that you only have to buy quality equipment once, it will work first time, every time, and it will last.

Some of the important reasons that I chose to go with Nikon DLSR cameras is their build quality & weather sealing and their commitment to maintain lens compatibility both forward & backward with a few very minor exceptions, this is important to me because whatever lens I have it will still be able to be used on future camera models, the second part of this is that good lenses are always good lenses, which means that even an old second-hand lens will still deliver a sharp quality image, and of course be cheaper.

Compatibility Tips …

Plan for the future, look at compatibility before you buy, an example when buying a new lens, look at it’s bigger & smaller brothers, what similarities do these share, i.e. filter sizes, with cameras, you can take into account things like batteries, memory cards, remotes & flashes, with tripods look at the plates, batteries for torches, flashes & remotes, all of these can help you save money.

I hope that the above information is of value to you, feel free to send me an email at or simply give me a call if you would like to get more clarity on any of the above points, I am always happy to help, cheers and good luck.

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