Chapter 10

Austria & Germany, (Aug, 2014)

Well after some 45years post seeing the movie, the Sound of Music, and being in one of the the place’s that I always wanted to see personally, I arrived at Salzburg, Austria.  Keen as mustard to see the key locations of the moviee, so spent visiting and fulfilling my “Sound of Music Pilgrimage”, loved this, big tick on the bucket list at last.  Visited the house of the Von Trapp’s, which is privately owned, it has changed not so much structurally, but with trees, gardens & missing ballastrading etc, but it is almost as it was, on the lake.  The abbey, up on the hill, below the big castle, still stands there, and I will go out on a limb, and say exactly as it was in the movie, could not get into the inner parts of it, but was able to get part way in, as well as some of the other locations in the movie, it was great, loved it.

From Salzburg, I drove north-west toward Munich, and along the way visited the famous building that was gifted to Hitler in the early 1930’s, before the war, which became an iconic building in numerous movies, known as the “Eagles Nest” and you can see why!  It sits on top of a very rugged mountain range, about 6,000+ feet above sea level.  To get there you drive to a carpark about a quarter of the way up, then change onto a bus which takes you to almost the top, from there you need to book your return bus down the mountain, if you go there suggest two hours as a guide, anyway, you then walk down this tunnel about 150mtrs, at the end, you enter a small dome room, where you wait for the lift to the top.  The lift inside at least is lined with mirrors & gleaming polished brass, so much so that it looked like gold, an old pedestal type seat in the corner for the lift driver, as well as sold old style controls and the driver/operator in full uniform, much like you would see in a five star hotel, really sets the mood for the journey, the lift takes you up to the building 124mtrs, where you exit into the actual building itself.  Beautifully built and the basic structure remains the same as it was from the 1930 I believe, however internally it has become a Restaurant & Museum.  You go outside, and can hike further up the mountain some, all but vertical drops on both sides, when I was there, a thick fog had engulfed the area, but after a while it started to clear allowing for some great images, had to pull out the 10stop to get rid of the crowds, so we will see what the result is later I expect.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, and hopefully interesting enough to read onto the next addition coming soon, best regards.