Chapter 3

France (Jul, 2014)

Well getting into some sort of rhythm now, out and at them at 6:00am on the road, first stop was straight to the local train station, to purchase an all day 5 zone ticket, about $30 Aussie, but this takes you everywhere, so headed of into town to the Louve.

Not many people about at this time of day, so the streets and surrounds were very quiet, long exposures are great to for making those occasional wondering souls disappear!  Anyway I was at the Louvre, photographing away, and a young bloke turned up with his newly wed clients, well of course I was in the exact spot where he wanted to shot, so once we had a chat, all things sorted out, I got my shots and moved away, reset up to continue shooting, see first photo from the iPhone of the couple I shot, processed while I was waiting in snapseed, he thought it was great, so we exchanged info to provide him with the image, he further asked if he could have one on the images I shot with the Phase, happy to oblige.

I point out that I only provided him with the image, so that I did not step on any ProPhotographer – Client relationship, this is important to remember, as it is his living and his client, beside i am shit at these type of shots, and Wedding are not for me.  Anyway new friendships established, continue !!  Left the Louve, went across the river (Le Seine) and had breakfast at a local cafe, Omelette with Mushrooms, and three pots of tea, or what we french tourists call (Por le Ta) “Pot of Tea”, so for those of you that speak the lingo here, feel free to correct me, but whilst i get some very strange looks from the waiters, who obviously can’t speak french, i slowly get along. !!

So now i am a master of the subway, it’s really is not that hard but it took me a couple of days to get up to speed, (yes i know i am a fast learner, i can hear you thinking), well it is cheaper and faster than the taxi, but am still hitting the pavements pretty hard.  just ask my feet, these cobble stone sidewalks and roads are everywhere. They have a great system here for road rules, you can pretty much park where you like, there are no lines on the road except the centre line, so organised chaos is the order of the day, but it works shit loads better than our system in Australia let me tell you.

Anyway moved on did a bit of street photography, and then caught the train to the the palace Versailles, way out of the city centre but easy to get there on the train, well apparently 200,000 other people were thinking the same thing, have i mentioned the crowds before, well it is what it is, yes I know it is Paris in high season, so don’t worry about the comments, i seem to always be in this situation, anyway move on. Went into the Palace grounds, wow what opulence, it is hard to believe how some countries have been able to do & build such amazing structures, I don’t think that there are any rocks left in the ground in France, they have got to have used them all.

So being out most of the day, I decided to return to me hotel, to upload, recharge and write my daily diary, so after a quick shower, I grabbed the computer and headed down to the restraunt to write these words, and the chef turns up Giuseppe, good old french name, no he is from Italy, and makes a lasagne the way his mama used to make, very nice thanks mate.  So now it is time to finish my diary for the day, it has taken me about four beers to write it, so i hope that it makes sense, if not bugger, nobody probably reads it anyway.

On this note I had better finish this and the beer, and get organised to go and capture some more stunning work, i reckon that will shake a few judges heads, just kidding, cheers for now, tomorrow I leave Parrie, and head to Iceland, so now it gets serious, look out Josh, here I come,