Chapter 4

France, Iceland, (Jul, 2014)

Well a bit of an uneventful day today, but started of with up and out there at 5:30am to get the train into the city to shoot the Louvre & Pyramids for one more time before I leave for Iceland, so grabbed all of the gear and headed out.

Got to the train station went to buy a ticket, but all of the machines were out of order, so looked around for an assistant, once found I asked her what was going on, and how could I get a ticket, her answer was simply go to another station, no we can do it manually etc, just go to another station, oh well not to worry, sounds worse that it was, there was another one down the street about 300meters.

So on my way to the other station, and decided to capture some street stuff in stead, so that is what I did for the next few hours.  Then back to the hotel had some breakfast, packed my backs and headed to the Airport for an 11:00am flight.

Arrived at Terminal 1, people everywhere, stood in the wrong que again, only for about 10mins, then asked an official and he directed me to the right line, so off I went to line up again.  Stood in the que for 3/4 of an hour, and ended up about 3 meters from the front, and noticed that others had already got bag tags on their bags, so I asked the people in front of me about this, and they said you have to self check-in over there and the kiosk will printout your tags, oh no not again! 

Anyway the people looked after my gear while I did just that, but I had extra bags so after waiting in the que there, when I entered the flight booking number in etc, it said that it can’t help me see the check-in staff, waste to time #@$@.  So back to the line, thanked the people for looking after my gear, and got to the counter, and checked-in, however I had to pay 60euros for the extra bags,which I was already aware, so no big shock there, however he could not take cash, so I had to go up a couple of floors to pay the bounty and return back to get my boarding pass, more que’s i was thinking, but luck was on my side, no que in and out in a flash, hooray. After all of that on the plane and away, five hours later I arrive in Iceland. Got on the bus and headed into Reykjavik, the main city here and checked into my hotel.

The weather outside was cold and very overcast, no special light to talk about, so I though that i would go down to the bar to have a beer at the bar instead,  Met some interesting people from all over the place, ended up dining with a group, had a few too many beers, but it is still daylight, what ??, yes it was not that I had drunk myself though to another day, it was because the sun sets here at the moment at 11:00pm and even then it remains twilight till it rises again at 4:00am so longs days ahead.  We are currently at about 64degrees north, and will be heading further north over the next week to about 66degrees, so I have now travelled about 92 degrees of latitude and about 170 degrees of longitude, almost directly opposite Australia.

Anyway I am carying on with crap, so thanks for reading, cheers