Chapter 5

Iceland, (Aug, 2014)

Started the day a bit slow due to Jetlag I am thinking, had absolutely nothing to do with the excess of beers, anyway I am now working on a medical degree as I found a few panidol fixes the problem, so had some breakfast and move on with camera in hand, this time I packed light with the small Fujifilm X-T1. 

Headed down to the city centre, about a half hour walk from where I am staying, but with my meandering took me about three hours, some beautiful streets & buildings, mostly small three story houses, shops & cafe’s of all types of cuisine, all joined together on each side, the main part of the city is like a mall where people walk everywhere and cars give way to the people.

On top of the rise in the centre of the city stands a large church, which was completed in 1986, apparently took 7 years to design & plan, then another 38 years to build, the design inspiration was based on the lava flows of Iceland. It has a lift that goes almost all of the way to the top with just four-five flights of stairs to climb but the view is worth it, cost about 700krona ($7 AU).

Anyway I just wandered about the city photographing the buildings & street etc, I big protest march was on in which held up traffic for the best part of an hour, I could not understand what the issue was but I think it was based around someone being raped and those responsible not being brought to justice, thousands of people in the march, placards and statements on clothing, by now it was 4:00pm, so I headed back to the hotel, walking everywhere, tried to hire a car for the rest of the day, but the company wanted 15,000 krona ($150 AU) just for the afternoon, no discount, remembering that this was 4:00pm, seems a bit stupid but the sun does not set here until 11:20pm and it remains half light past midnight, it just does not get dark here at the moment!.

I nearly got ran over today, I am wandering along reviewing my images and just walked out in front of the traffic, head down looking at the images on my camera, all of a sudden I heard this loud horn and a screeching car came to a stop, thank my lucky stars i can tell you !!!

So I got back to the hotel, had a rest for a few hours and grabbed my gear to go and photograph the house & church on Videy Island from the sea wall at sunset, spent a few hours capturing the last of the day there, 10:00pm and the sun was now behind the clouds, so shoot finished, but got some good images of it I think, we will see, so finished the day by grabbing some dinner just before the cafe up the road closed, uploaded my images and backed up, time now is midnight, and I can still see everything, still light, can’t wait to get a bit of clear weather on the road over the next two weeks.

OK that was my day, so see you later