Chapter 7

Iceland, (Aug, 2014)

Having survived the start of our workshop with Daniel Bergmann & Joshua Holko, we gradually headed further north up the east coast of Iceland.  We stopped at a small town called Vik, it was one of those typical scenes you would see in the movies, neat & tidy streets with small 2-3 stories shops & houses and a lovely church on flats below the mountains that stood out due to the contrasts of colours White church with a Red roof against green mountains and a blue sky, postcard stuff.

We arrived at our destination where we would spend the next three day, firstly we visited the geothermal areas, where the superheated underground water comes to the surface, no geysers but boiling mud and a strong smell of sulphur, although there were plenty of vents just near the carpark on the flat ground, our trusted guides advised us that the best views of them were way up there, pointing to the top of the mountain, so we had to again climb another peak with all of our gear on our backs, starting to feel like a donkey I am, possibly starting to smell like one too, as whilst it is cool at the bottom, when you get to the top it can be significantly colder and blowing a gale, so you have to dress for the worst.  Once at the top, we had a full 360degree view of the whole area, we would stay here until the sun went down, that would be at about 11:00pm, well it was worth the climb, got some spectacular images of the setting sun over the geothermal area, and surrounding landscape. Well worth the climb! despite the knees telling me otherwise 

From here we travelled further north to the first of the waterfalls that we would visit, Godifoss (“Foss” meaning Waterfall) the waterfalls here in Iceland are extremely large to those that we see in Australia, massive amounts of water pouring over the edges of canyon walls, making each one of these waterfalls a spectacle not too be missed.  Lots of driving and not much sleep, we saw every sunset and every sunrise, most days only one to two hours sleep between shoots, but it was all worth it in the end, stunning vistas all over this country, certainly worth the visit. 

Now back in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, so now I need to get my laundry done, as all of my cloths have been used, smell of dirt and sulphur mud etc, getting your washing done by the hotel is extremely expensive, like @AU$3.50 for a pair of socks, AU$11.00 for Jeans, so I headed down to the local Laundry Cafe, only had three machines, one out of order, three dryers, one out of order, another broke down, so one of the young girls manhandled it out of the enclosure it was in, pulled the top of it did whatever, put it back and away it went.  Four & a half hours later, cloths washed and sort of dry.

Our last day in Iceland means that I say goodbye to some new found friends, what a great bunch of people from all over the world, Norway, America, Canada, Italy, Iceland, Australia, & Germany, I hope that we will continue to stay in touch, as I would like that.  So it is now goodbye Iceland and hello northern Europe.