This is a must, there are plenty of companies that will insure your gear, but only a few that specialise in it, I have had the sad experience of dropping a camera, landed face down in the mud & sea, total write-off, major problem let me tell you, the camera was about a week old and cost as much as a luxury car, however I did have all of my equipment insured, so I was fortunate that I had that in place!.

An important note however, make sure that you have insured your gear for the right value, I insured this particular camera for what was written on the invoice, as I had received a discount from the full retail price the invoice total did not reflect the true replacement cost which was several thousand of dollars more, which I had to pay for.

Check your house contents policy as it could already have some form of basic camera insurance in it, however if you become fully professional, then you will need proper speciality photography cover, public liability to start with, this is when you need to talk to a company that specialises in photographers insurance, I use & recommend Professional Photographers Insurance Brokers, I have had the unfortunate experience of destroying some equipment and PPIB were great, no fuss, seamless claim, end result happy.