Pre-Shoot Checks

Checking & Preparing your gear before every shoot is a very important part of photography, there is nothing worse than arriving at the location and finding you have problems with your gear, so I have compiled a list of things that I do every time before I go out again to shoot another location,;

Time & Date;

  • I use an iPhone app to provide a time mark to set / synchronise several cameras.

Batteries (Camera & Flash)

  • Ensure they are charged.
  • Carry extras,
  • Tip:  I only put the battery caps on the charged batteries, flat ones don’t have on.

Memory Cards;

  • Freshly format all cards;
  • Ensure that you have sufficient cards for the days shoot;

Prime Settings;

  • ISO – set to 200
  • ISO Auto Control – set to Off
  • Picture Control – set to Vivid
  • Color Space – set to Adobe RGB
  • File Type – set to RAW
  • Exposure Priority – set to Aperture
  • Metering – set to Average
  • Focus – set to Continuous
  • Focus Point – set to Single Point
  • EV Comp. – set to 0
  • White Balance – set to Auto
  • Shooting Mode – set to Single Shot
  • Lenses – set to Check Settings


  • Give your camera a clean with a dry clean cloth;
  • Remove the front UV filter and clean the lens glass, and both sides of the UV filter;

Bag Check & Safety Stuff;

  • Torch, make sure it works & is charged;
  • Spare charged batteries for Camera, Flash & Cable Release;
  • Tripod Plates, Flashgun, Harness
  • Garbage Bags, ensure that you have a number of them;
  • Spare Memory cards, Cable Release;
  • Full set of Filters, ie CPL, ND’s
  • Several dry clean cleaning cloths, Rubber bands, Black Marker & Pens;
  • Sunscreen, Insect repellent, Raincoat, Hi-Vis, Hat, Lanyard ID, Sunglasses, Spare reading glasses & suitable footwear;

I hope that the above information is of value to you, feel free to send me an email at or simply give me a call if you would like to get more clarity on any of the above, I am always happy to help, cheers and good luck.

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