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Chapter 1

Australia, Malaysia, (Jul, 2014)

I thought that I would try to document as best as I can my trip, I hope that you will enjoy my travels, we will see.  I encourage you to leave a comment or even advise on potential spots that I should divert too, I await your guidance if you have it.

Just so you know in the lead-up to my two month trip, I spent a bit of time not just researching the trip but also marketing my un-captured images, I put forward to various clients an option to purchase a 40″ Limited Edition image from the images captured on my trip, they get first pick of what image they want at a set price, Each image will have only 11 in the edition, two of which are not for sale (1 x Artist Proof & 1 x Charity/VIP print).  So they will get One of the Nine available images left in the set, I am happy to say that these pre-sales have paid for 50% of my trip and will be a great deal for the purchaser’s. So if anyone is interested in joining them please let me know by personal FB message if you can.  (anyway enough of the marketing, sorry!!)

So to start the ball rolling, I Left home with my darling wife at 6:00am to get to the Gold Coast Airport by 6:30am, all good little traffic, booked into AirAsia “Business Class” Yes, and continued through to the International departure lounge.  Met a bloke who used to fly for Singapore Airlines, lives on the coast and alternatively in Indonesia.  He was telling me that he knew the chief pilot and the other crewies on the flight that was shot down over Ukraine, he actually trained the chief pilot, talk about a small world.

Anyway got onboard and away we went, no dramas all good, AirAsia airlines are mega polite, great service and very comfy thanks very much.  The guy I was sitting next to in my flatbed seat (just thought I would rub that one in again) job was interior designs for a hotel/resort chain, so potential work maybe was the parting comment, you just never know do you.  Took a few images out the window near Darwin on the way over, arrived in Malaysia at the main terminal, it would have to be four times the size of Brisbane International, the last time I was here it was a back water and it was not that long ago.

Anyway got through immigration, no paperwork to complete, just walk unto the counter, give them your passport & boarding pass, quick scan of your two index fingers and all done, see you later, grab your bags and gone.  Australia could learn a lot from this !!!,  now I am waiting for my connection flight to Paris, on Air France, five hours to go, so time to chill as my sone would say.  So went to the mobile counter, got a new sim and 5gb data, you beauty, now on the internet, cost about AU$30 bit of an overkill, but it is better than facing the Telstra bill when I get home.  So now I have logged onto the web, went to my personal fackbook page and was inundated with comments on my pending trip, thanks to all that commented and liked, it is appreciated, I just hope that I can live unto your expectations.

Chapter 2

Malaysia, France (Jul, 2014)

Boarded my flight in KL, heading to Paris, Plane almost full but on time, at 23:10pm, I thought that by having a few beers (well a few more than that), I would sleep like a baby on the flight, but no to to be, thirteen long long hours.   Flew over India then onto to France over the Black Sea, even though it was night, you could see the pending sunrise on the eastern horizon, see photo attached.  As we crossed the Black Sea you could see a large thunderstorm with lots of lightning, as well as the south coast of Ukraine, just hopping that they ignored us as we went past.

Landed in Paris, very foggy morning 6:00am on time, big airport compared to ours, got the bags and welcome to Paris.  As I was tired I thought that I would get a taxi, so found the taxi rank, and a young fella said “You want Taxi?” I answered yes thanks, and loaded up and off we went, he was not a taxi at all just an opportunist to make a buck posing as a taxi, i have seen these guys before, anyway he was polite and the car was very new & clean, so off went the lambs to the slaughter, 120 euros later, (taxi is normally 55)  i arrive at my hotel, first rip-off done.

Too early to checkin so i left my gear and thought that i would go and walk around with my Fuji, so i set off, i walked and walked i reckon that i walked about 25klms, i got back to the hotel at about 10:30pm, getting tired at this point, and my feet were bloody sore to say the least, so uploaded my images, charged batteries had a shower and hit the sack, goodnight.  Woke up, got myself ready, loaded up all the gear and headed out to get some images before the crowds, exit time was 4:00am, the city of love was asleep, or at least in bed.  anyway went to the Louve, but all blocked off so took a few shots and continued on around the city on foot again, shit my feet are sore by now.

Ended up at the Eiffel Tower, shot it from all angles, lined up to go up into the tower, thinking that this will be great, I will get some great images up there, 45mins in the cue I go my ticket, asked where the lift was and they said no no no, you take the stairs!!   328 stairs later, one very buggered photographer arrives at stage one, you beauty i thought, i can get the lift now, not so old man you need to go the level two, so decision time, do i climb another 300+ step of give up and go somewhere else the little voice was saying, but no i decide to climb to stage 2, great people everywhere, long line to the summit lift, but hey i climbed the stairs so just do the wait, beside as i wait i can shoot from the edges, so 45mins later we get to the lift, alas the ticket i bought was for stairs only access, should have got summit ticket, you have got to be kidding, so kicked out of the line, told to go and get correct ticket, when i find the ticket booth, there was a lineup there, bugger this i am out of here, so I gave in and left.

So I headed of in a taxi to the Sacré-Cœur, a big church in Montmartre Village Paris, crowds everywhere, have i mentioned them before, anyway decided to take some street shots, have a beer, met some nice people from Belgium, USA & Canada, drank way too much of a beer called 1664, nice drop though.

By this time it was mid afternoon so i decided to go back to the hotel and get a few hours sleep, and charge batteries, as i was now on my last one. so hit the sack for a quick rest, after having 4 hours sleep in the last 67hours since i left, i was buggered, but was still thinking of the sunset tonight which happens at about 9:30pm, so I should get a 3 hours snooze in before i have to get up, well did not make next thing i know it was 4:00am again, i had managed to sleep through, so got twelve hours sleep long time since i had that much sleep, but i am ready to go again, so get out of my way crowds, here i come. !!!!

Chapter 15

France, Malayasia, Australia (Sep, 2014)

So after three days photographing Mont Saint Michel, I packed up my gear for the final trip back to Paris via the Normady Coast, I was looking forward to getting back to Paris, I booked into a nice hotel just near the airport, this was great as I could easily get to the airport in two days when I was due to fly home.

That evening I again photographed the central parts of Paris, it is such a beautiful city, whilst I was still on the same trip, the seasons had noticeably changed over the time I was there, also the crowds had lightened off significantly which was great.  I managed to get some great images of the Eiffel Tower in the following early morning sunrise, overlooking a perfectly still Seine River giving great reflections of the tower etc.

Before leaving I had to drop the car back to the rental people, dints and all, I thought that this was going to be an issue, but all good, walk away insurance is great!.  Then it was back to the hotel, grab my gear and head off to the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, not that many people about so check-in was simple, went for an upgrade and after a bit of translation issues, bargaining etc, managed to get an upgrade for the trip home, you beauty I though, great trip home, enjoyed a bit of 5star at last.

Arrived at the airport in Malaysia, grabbed the train into town, spent a night at a selected hotel, the “Traders Hotel” in Kuala Lumpur just near the Petronas Towers with the full intention of spending some time photographing the towers from an elevated view, but the only place that I could shoot it from there was at the bar on one of the top floors, wrong move, ended up talking to some other tourists, doing beers and sharing stories and the photo shoot never happened, bugger, but I did enjoy the evening.

Later the following day I was back to the airport on my flight back to Australia, after two months away, I was glad to get back home, it was a wonderful trip, I got to see and enjoy some sights that I never thought that I would ever see, absolutely amazing, the different culture’s & architecture, real eye opening stuff and I highly recommend that you the reader take the opportunity to further explore the big wide world we live in, your personal vision & self can only benefit from the experience.


  • 57 days of travel
  • 18 Countries (Order of Travel): Australia, Malaysia, France, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Germany, Czeh Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Malaysia, Australia.
  • >35 Country Border crossings
  • 658 Gigabytes of data
  • Over 14,500 Images
  • >107 Uploaded Video Diaries
  • 10,661 kilometers in Europe by hire car (excludes Iceland)
  • Unknown Number of Traffic Infringements, Speeding & Parking Fines.
  • 1 Towed Car
  • 2 Dings
  • 9 Currencies.

I hope that you have enjoyed the read and that it may have inspired you to visit some of the place that I have travelled too, all the best

Jaime Dormer (Photographer)