Post Processing

Specialised Post-Processing

Don't have the time or expertise to develop your own images into a professional creative fine art piece, then consider using our Post-Processing Image Service.

JDP Online provides an efficient, professional custom post-processing service to you our customer, put simply it means that you do the shooting and we do the post-processing of your selected RAW images using the latest software and processing techniques, all done over the internet.

We provide an efficient secure means of delivery to us and return to you via our online service over the internet, it is simple to use and can be synchronized with many computers at your end as you need at no additional cost.


Our Post Processing Services is briefly explained below (with estimated times in brackets);
  • Our company creates a secure account on our "cloud" ftp service; (5min)
  • Once we have set this up we will send you an email, you will simply log into that account using your own email address & your own created password; (2min)
  • You upload your RAW file(s) that you want processed; (3-15min)
  • Files arrive at our end ready for processing; (15min)
  • We will create one or more versions of your image for your review; (15min-24hrs)
  • Small jpeg files are generated of the processed images and then uploaded to the cloud; (5min)
  • We notify you that images have been uploaded via email and are ready for you to inspect; (15min)
  • Once approved, invoice provided and payment required.
  • Post payment of invoice, we then upload the full version of the file in your required format to the cloud; (5-30min)
  • You download the processed image from the cloud to your computer; (5min).

The above process also allows for you the artist to speak to us during the processing of your image(s) to discuss what it is that you want, like/dislike, etc.  Our services are designed for the person that wants quality, creativity and care in the post-processing part of their image, we will spend the time required to get the best from the images provided, we do not do bulk batch processing, and specialise in Nature & Landscape images.


  • Tax Invoice for services provided;
  • Terms are Payment Upon Approval.
  • Calculated using an hourly rate of $125/hr plus GST.


Additional services that can be added to any processed image;
  • A personal signature or logo (as supplied by you), can be added to the image as a watermark.
  • Printed on the best available papers using the latest top of the range photographic printers by Epson.
  • Top quality matt & framing service and then sent to you via freight company. 


  • Simply contact us vial Email or by phone to arrange or discuss your first image processing job. 
I personally guarantee that you will be very happy with the end product we create for you from your own work, please read our testimonial page below to hear what our customers think of our services, you will be over the moon with us I am certain of it, I hope that you give us a go, thanks.


Jaime Dormer
CEO & Managing Director
JDP Online Pty Ltd